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Wrapping Up 2023: A Year In Review

Celebrating One Year of Genealogical Discoveries

It's hard to believe, but my first year as a professional genealogist has flown by, filled with incredible experiences and rewarding discoveries. As I look back on this remarkable journey, I'm excited to share some of the highlights with you through a "Year in Numbers." These numbers are not just statistics; they represent the passion, dedication, and the joy of unraveling the past.

Certificates Earned:

Four. This year I completed the lengthy ProGen Study Group and attended three separate institutes earning certificates in Fundamentals of Forensic Genealogy, Writing and Publishing for Genealogists, and Advanced Evidence Analysis Practicum. These certificates not only represent my commitment to continued learning but also directly enhance the depth, accuracy, and efficiency of the research I am able to offer my clients.

Lineage Society Memberships Achieved:

One. It took over a year, but my application to join the National Society of the Colonial Dames of America was finally approved. I started this process with an ancestor, my ninth great grandfather Samuel Cook, a founding member of Wallingford, Connecticut, who wasn't even recognized by the society, so I had to first prove his eligibility and then each and every generation (12 generations total) back to myself. There are many reasons to join a lineage society, but for me, the prestige of being able to prove my pedigree is at the top of the list. A lot of research goes into lineage society applications, so you know when you are accepted into one, you really are descended from a prestigious, prominent, or famous person.

Programs Presented:

Two. Through a grant awarded by AARP, I presented a program at the National Hispanic Cultural Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico, introducing new family historians to online genealogy. This Fall, I was also invited to present, as part of a panel, for the Albuquerque Genealogical Society, a program regarding the Genealogical Proof Standard (GPS) and how it was used in an advanced case study. The response from attendees was incredibly warm and positive, with many expressing newfound excitement about tackling mysteries within their own family trees.

Articles Published:

One. To enhance one of the aforementioned presentations, a Proof Argument I previously wrote as a part of the ProGen Study Group program was published by the Albuquerque Genealogical Society in their quarterly EJournal. The article, which delved into a complex genealogical puzzle, not only received positive feedback but also sparked interest among fellow genealogists. It was particularly gratifying to see how my research could contribute to the broader genealogical community, providing both inspiration and methodological insight for others embarking on their own genealogical journeys.

Hours Serving Clients:

More than 100. This year has been a fascinating journey of discovery, not just for me, but for the clients I've had the privilege of serving. Each case has been a unique adventure, from unraveling complex DNA results to constructing extensive family trees. One of my most memorable projects involved piecing together the life of a forty-niner who embarked on an extraordinary journey from Boston to San Francisco, navigating around South America in search of fortune and adventure. Each hour spent on these projects was a step deeper into the fascinating world of genealogy, bringing to life the stories of the past for my clients.

Mysteries Solved:

Over a dozen. In the realm of genealogy, certainty is a luxury, and not every ancestral puzzle comes with a straightforward solution. This year, despite the inherent challenges of the field, my success rate in solving the mysteries entrusted to me was remarkably high. The tasks ranged from building lineages that spanned several generations to unraveling complex cases of unknown parentage. Each case was approached with meticulous research and a dedication to uncovering the truth, no matter how elusive it might have seemed at the outset. One of my most recent projects involved extensive research at the Bernalillo County Clerk's office. Over two days, I immersed myself in historical deeds, mortgages, and releases, tracing the ownership of two different houses back to their original construction. This deep dive not only uncovered the history of these properties but also revealed fascinating insights into the lives of those who had called these places home.

Lives Changed With Genealogical Research:

Effectively unlimited. The true impact of genealogical research stretches far beyond the immediate gratification of uncovering the past. It’s about preserving stories and legacies for generations to come. Each family history that I uncover and document is not just for the benefit of my current clients; it's a lasting record that will be cherished and passed down through the ages.

As we close the chapter on 2023, I am filled with gratitude for the incredible support and engagement from each of you. This year has been a remarkable journey of growth, learning, and meaningful discoveries, and it wouldn't have been possible without your trust and enthusiasm. Thank you for being an integral part of this amazing success!

Looking ahead to 2024, I am excited to delve even deeper into the world of genealogy. I am committed to pursuing further educational opportunities, which not only fuel my passion but also enhance the services offered at Genealogy Uprooted. Each new piece of knowledge and every skill honed is a step towards providing richer, more comprehensive genealogical insights for you.

I will be presenting two new programs in the coming year. These presentations are designed to engage, educate, and inspire both seasoned genealogists and those new to the field. You can learn more about these upcoming events here and here.

I am also eager to continue expanding my network within the genealogical community. Connecting with fellow genealogists and family historians isn't just about professional growth; it's about building a collaborative environment where ideas, techniques, and stories are shared, benefiting us all and enriching the work we do for our clients.

Above all, my primary focus remains steadfast: to assist more clients in uncovering the rich tapestries of their family histories. There's an indescribable joy in helping people make meaningful connections to their past, and I am wholeheartedly looking forward to guiding more individuals on this journey of discovery. Whether it's solving long-standing family mysteries, uncovering ancestral legacies, or simply piecing together the stories that time has scattered, I am here to navigate these paths with you.

Together, let's make 2024 a year of continued exploration, connection, and revelation in the fascinating world of genealogy. Here's to uncovering more stories, solving more mysteries, and celebrating the ties that bind us to our past and to each other.


Disclaimer: Each blog post is created and presented for marketing and entertainment purposes only but are based on larger research which adheres to the standards of The Board of Certification of Genealogists® as set forth in Genealogical Standards (Nashville, Tenn.: Ancestry Imprint, Turner Publishing, 2014).

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